Are you a woman who knows that having more charisma would create some really great changes in your life? 

Have you hit your own “glass ceiling” in your life? You see others around you living with more joy, ease, success and a better life than you?

You sense you would get more respect from others if you had more charisma and credibility. People would listen to you and take you more seriously. More confidence would mean more income, job security and less stress on the job for you.

Your relationships would have more love with less struggle and disagreement. Others wouldn’t constantly expect you to be the person who gives in or gives up what you want. You would become the person who dissolves conflict, rather than the one stuck in it.

Getting the results you care about the most wouldn’t be such hard work so much of the time.

You wish you could feel completely comfortable making yourself the priority in your own life… just comfortable in your own skin without so much worry and second-guessing going on.

But all of that seems really hard.

You’ve read all the right books, tried every way possible to deal with the “fear of success” everyone keeps saying you have, taken assertiveness training, bought the new recommended wardrobe pieces, tried classes in self-improvement…

But all your efforts to fix it have made you more frustrated, less confident and wishing the whole problem would just go away. You see others succeeding and thriving from the exact same information that just doesn’t work for you. Why?

All of those other “solutions” didn’t work because they never really addressed the most important part of charisma and confidence… your truth, your actual experience.

The seeds of your charisma are right there, right now in this moment, in your body, not your mind! All those other solutions that didn’t work had you looking in the wrong places to address the wrong problem.

There’s a better way that brings all the charisma and confidence you’ve longed for without changing yourself

Hi, I’m Athena, and I’ve been a healer, teacher and neuroscientist for over fifteen years.

I help women who want a breakthrough in charisma and are ready to have the payoffs that will bring them.

New to me and my work? 

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